Art & Autism: All the Benefits

Developing a sense of creativity and expression is a wonderful way to help your child with ASD grow. Art is a form of expression that we encourage you to consider when planning activities with your child or looking for ways to aid in his/her development. Art therapy can make a huge difference in your child’s ability to outpour his/her thoughts and experiences. We are going to list some ways that art therapy is truly advantageous for your child.

Sensory Stimulation

Since creating art can be an extremely tactile experience, children with ASD can find it a comforting activity. Whether it is playing with finger paint, sculpting putty, holding a paintbrush, or crumpling paper, many children with ASD can find the elements involved in art creation to be soothing. We encourage you to spend time finger painting with your child with autism. In our recent blog, “At-Home Activities for Kids With Autism,” we outline steps you can take to paint with your child.

Develop Social Skills

Introducing your child to art therapy and/or art classes can provide an environment where your child is around other children and adults. Because creating art can involve listening and communicating with your teacher, therapist, and/or peers, your child will have an opportunity to develop additional social skills.

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Increase Self-Esteem

There is a sense of accomplishment and excitement when you finish any project. For many children, creating a beautiful piece of art gives them a boost in self-esteem. As you work with your child, he/she can learn even more methods for creating art. With an increased knowledge base, your child can explore what art forms he/she likes the most. This sense of autonomy is important for all children when they are creating.

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Develop Motor Skills

Creating any art piece involves motor skills. If your child is painting, sculpting, drawing, or shredding, these activities all involve incorporating motor skills. For children with autism, developing these skills can be extremely beneficial later in life.

Creative Outlet

For some children with ASD, art can be an effective expressive outlet for those who are nonverbal or have a limited vocabulary. By providing a means to express, you can help your child develop even more. As your child begins to explore different mediums, he/she can fine-tune the ways that he/she wants to express thoughts and feelings. As a parent, you will see visual representations of our child’s inner-self.

Art and autism can go hand-in-hand. We highly recommend letting your child explore his/her creativity. You can even fill your fridge with the beautiful art that your child creates!

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