Autumn Activities for Your Child with Autism

With the weather cooling down, the autumn season seems to be in full swing. All the fun colors, crisp air, and change calls for some activity ideas that can match the season. For child with autism, the outdoors can be a perfect sensory playground. If you are looking for outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your child with autism this fall, look no further! Looking to stay inside? Check out our blog, “At-Home Activities for Kids With Autism.”

Take a Hike

What better way to enjoy all the colors, smells, and outdoor changes of the season than a hike? If there is a trail that your child enjoys or an outdoor space that he/she finds relaxing, taking a hike around that area can be a wonderful way to explore the autumn weather. Things to bring: water bottle, snacks, proper shoes, jackets, and your child’s comfort object. We also recommend putting an ID wristband on your child.

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Bring Out Sidewalk Chalk

Tactile activities are a great way to stimulate your child’s senses. Incorporating art into the day can be a fun way to connect with your child. Try using sidewalk chalk with your child with ASD to draw shapes and use different colors. This will help to get your child outdoors and can be a great method for teaching. If you’re up for it, try drawing circles on the sidewalk, and show your child how to jump in and out of the circles for fun!

Treasure Hunt

We’ve mentioned in our previous blog, “Making Your Backyard Safe & Fun for Your Child with ASD,” how to make a treasure hunt a fun way to explore the outdoors with your child. When autumn rolls around, it can be an even more fun idea, as there are leaves with changing colors and plenty of cool air.

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Pumpkin Carving, Anyone?

The beauty of harvest season is that pumpkin carving is back in season. Children with ASD can have a difficult time identify emotions. Carving pumpkins together and creating different expressions can be a fun way to talk about emotions with your child with autism. If you carve the pumpkin, your child can help you pull out all the insides.

Camp Outside

Spending time outside in the autumn season is great for children who enjoy sensory stimulation. If your child is comfortable with it, you can even plan a camping day. We recommend staying in your backyard, where your child can recognize his/her home. This also gives you an opportunity to move the sleeping inside, should your child become overwhelmed. What you need: a tent, sleeping backs, snacks, and comfort objects

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With the change of the seasons comes the change in activities that you can try with your child with autism. Having fun with your child this season can be just a leaf pile away.

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