In-Home ABA Treatment

In-Home ABA Treatment

For many children, 1:1 ABA therapy is very effective when offered at home. An in-home ABA treatment program gives our BCBAs an opportunity to observe children with autism in their natural, home environment. Based on these observations, our BCBAs design specific programs based on these children’s in-home behaviors.

Benefits of In-Home ABA Treatment

Transitions and other forms of change can be distressing to children with autism. By initiating an ABA treatment program in the home, you can reduce the amount of distress your child experiences. With in-home sessions, you eliminate the need to leave the home, travel to a new location, or enter a new space. Instead, your child can spend their focus and energy entirely on practicing skills and addressing behaviors in a safe and familiar environment. In-home ABA treatment also saves you, the parent/guardian, time and energy. Our BCBAs come directly to you and incorporate new methods of treatment that provide ongoing support within your child’s typical, daily routine.

Home-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Depending on your child’s individual case, in-home therapy may be the best option for you and your child.

Is My Child a Good Candidate for In-Home Therapy?

In-home ABA treatment can be a wonderful option for your child, but it is not always the best fit for every child with autism. If you are considering our in-home therapy services for your child, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Therapy services in the home allow our BCBAs to address behaviors and skills in the environment in which they are likely to occur. Therapy in the home can help your child address behaviors in an organic environment.
  • When our BCBAs work with children with autism in their home environment, our staff are able to use natural items and situations as learning tools.
  • If your child tends to show extreme problems or behavior in the home, as opposed to in public or at school, this type of therapy can help our specialists address behaviors specific to the home, while in the the home environment.

In home ABA therapy for Autism

In some cases, our clients request a hybrid treatment program that uses in-home and in-school sessions. If you have questions about our in-home therapy programs, or would like to discuss developing a hybrid treatment program for your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff by visiting our Contact page and filling out our form, or giving us a call at 323-693-1600.