Making Your Backyard Safe & Fun for Your Child with ASD

Summer is here in full force, and with the warm weather and green grass, your child may be spending a lot of time outside. There are some steps that you can take to make your backyard safer for your child.

We know that every child on the spectrum is unique and has different needs, which can create a challenge for parents who want to come up with creative and fun ideas for their child to enjoy the warm weather. That’s where creating a safe and welcoming backyard comes into play. Many children with ASD can become overwhelmed by too much noise or color, so it’s important to customize your backyard to be a place that he/she feels comfortable and can be their safe zone in the summer.

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A Family Affair

Whether a venture to the backyard is new to your child, or you have spent time in that space before, introducing your home’s backyard during family time can make the experience less overwhelming for your child with autism. You can bring the entire family outside to enjoy camping, bird watching, or other past times that you can share together. Family-friendly activities are a great way to bond and enjoy the season.

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Get a Green Thumb

Gardening can be a stress-reducing past time that you can share with your child. If your child likes doing tactile things, he/she may enjoy planting a garden. Whether it’s putting some flowers in a pot or building an entire vegetable garden, the process can be extremely rewarding. You can bring your child into the planning process, picking our flowers and vegetables. If you have gloves and shovels, you can get your child the same supplies, so he/she can do the same activities while gardening. This makes it easier to teach the skills needed to plant a garden.

Where’s the Treasure?

Kids love treasure hunts. A fun way to excite your child in the backyard is to set up a treasure hunt. You can use objects with different textures and colors, which can help your loved one explore their senses. Have him/her look for a yellow leaf or a smooth rock. This can help your child make connections between the physical world and words.

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Put Up A Fence

When it comes to safety, fencing in your backyard can prevent your child from wandering off your home’s premises. If you have a pool, keeping that area fenced in can keep your child from trying to get to the water, which can be seriously dangerous if there is no adult around.

Looking for more ideas on things you can do with your child this summer? Read our article, “At-Home Activities for Kids with Autism.”

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