ABA Therapy Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been recognized by experts across the field as the most effective treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder for decades. At Hidden Treasures ABA Therapy Services, we see the positive impact of this methodology on a daily basis.

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy recognizes that every child is unique, both in terms of their abilities, as well as their unique behavioral challenges. The foundation of every ABA Therapy intervention plan is a careful and thorough assessment. This assessment process relies on information from the parents, family members, and the school. A detailed behavioral intervention plan is then developed, targeting specific goals.

What does “ABA” mean?

  • Applied – our specialists find and address the behaviors that are important to our clients and their family/friends
  • Behavioral – we focus on our clients’ behaviors and measure and address those behaviors that are in need of improvement
  • Analysis – by measuring the behavior over time, when a client is in intervention of when he/she is not, we can consistently produce change and real results

What does ABA Therapy entail?

  • A behavior analyst designs, implements, and evaluates instruction and environment modifications to produce socially significant improvements in a individual’s behavior
  • Includes identifying relationships between behavior and environment
  • This therapy is based on scientific research and direct observation and measurement of behavior and environment
  • Utilizes positive reinforcement and routines to help clients develop new behaviors, increase or decrease existing behaviors, and omit behaviors that occur in specific environments

ABA therapy has been proven to be extremely successful in addressing language, communication, and social deficits.

Our Process

The first step toward providing the most effective behavioral program for your child is a complete Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will meet with you and your child and will observe him/her in a variety of settings. This process is generally conducted over several weeks. A program plan is then developed to address your child’s unique challenges and abilities.

Our Program Includes:

  • Behavioral Evaluations
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Home-Based and School-Based Services
  • Parent/Caregiver Training
  • Direct 1:1 Therapy
  • Supervision and Consultation
  • Staff Training
  • Community-Based Interventions

ABA Therapy Locations

ABA therapy can take place in a variety of settings, including the home, school, or community locations, such as the library, parks, or the family’s place of worship. Where appropriate, other people in your child’s life, such as teachers, camp counselors, other family members, are incorporated into the overall therapy process.

Parents and ABA Therapy

ABA therapy recognizes the importance of involving parents in their child’s therapy program. Parents receive on-giong training so that they are learning the methods and interventions being used by their child’s therapists. This continuity of treatment ensures maximum success.

Research studies have shown that when parents are actively engaged and involved with their child’s therapy, the child with ASD will often see more progress. Not only does this benefit the child’s development, it can also create a stronger relationship between parent and child.

We work with parents to teach them ways that they can reinforce skills and behaviors at home. When our therapists teach new skills, they train the parents to ensure that these are being incorporated in the home and into the child’s daily routine. Practice is key with ABA therapy, so when your child is not with his/her therapist, those learned skills and lessons should be practiced at home, which can help your child reach goals much faster.