Parents – ABA Treatment Model

Working together with parents is an essential part of the ABA therapy model. The therapist will work with your child for a number of hours each week. However, giving parents the opportunity to learn new skills and strategies to help their child is an extremely important part of our program. At Hidden Treasures, our therapists devote time to both child and parent to ensure that there every child with ASD is given all the tools needed to succeed.

Parental Involvement

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to observe the sessions that take place between the child and therapist. Depending on your child’s personalized therapy program, this can involve sitting in the classroom, spending time at home, joining public events, or enjoying a seat in our office. By being a part of the therapy sessions, parents can watch the methods that our highly-talented specialists use with your child. This is important for parents who will be incorporating those activities and methods at home.

When our therapists are not “in-session” with your child, it is important to encourage and incorporate the behaviors and skills that our therapists are addressing. Why? This helps to further develop the skills and, like any skill, practice is key.

We always encourage all parents that we work with to do the following:

  • Ask questions
  • Follow your child’s therapy program
  • Incorporate ABA therapy methods at home
  • Read more about ABA therapy

Because parents and caregivers know and understand the struggles and deficits that their child with ASD face, their involvement is critical for developing the best therapy program for their child.

ABA Therapy Parent Training

Parent training is an important component of any successful treatment program for a child with autism, and can be instrumental in your child’s success. At Hidden Treasures, we provide dedicated “Parent Training Sessions” to reinforce what has been observed during therapy sessions. Our BCBAs are trained to work with parents to help them master the strategies employed in therapy. Whether it’s methods of communication, a set process for completing a task, or focusing, parents participate in Parent Training Sessions that provide the tools they need to truly impact the development of their child with autism.

Our specialists understand that starting anything new is a learning process, and we take our time to make sure that parents and caregivers are given the personalized attention that they need.

Consistency Matters

When it comes to encouraging the desired behaviors, like focusing on homework or zipping a coat, repetition is key. As a parent/caregiver, you likely spend more time with your child with ASD than anyone else. This means that your child is extremely affected by the exchanges that you have every day. ABA therapy emphasizes parent involvement, because it hinges on the importance of repetition in behaviors in-session and at home. Parents of children with ASD can incorporate ABA therapy methods at home and improve his/her child’s pace of development.