Top-Recommended Autism Mobile Apps for Children

It used to be that books and computers were some of the only go-to tools that parents of autism could use with their child, now, changing technology has made mobile apps a part of everyday life, with an app for nearly everything. Did you know that there are mobile applications that can work with your child with autism?

We have a list of the top-recommended autism mobile apps for children that can make a difference in your child’s development.

First-Then Visual Schedule

If you have a child with autism, you understand how important visuals are for teaching new skills and solidifying previously taught concepts. First-Then Visual Schedule is a mobile app that helps you create visual schedules for your child. The beauty of this app is that you can help your child move through different life skill processes with the touch of your screen. Visual schedules can help prompt next actions and decrease anxiety. You can also show the reward for each activity’s completion, which can serve as a bigger incentive for your child to perform all the steps.
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Learn with Rufus

Learning and understanding emotions is a challenge that children with ASD often face. The app, Learn with Rufus, can help tackle this teaching. A friendly character pops up on your screen and, using facial expressions associated with emotion, your child can interact with the character and begin to better understand different emotions. In the long run, this app can help your child identify emotions and even develop better social skills.
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Dr. Clara Lajonchere, former VP of clinical programs at Autism Speaks, helped to develop the Cognoa evaluation tool. This app is wonderful for parents who can track their child’s behavior and milestones, which can be viewed by their child’s therapist and help give direction to therapy treatments and strategies. There are plenty of features on this app, like expert-recommended activities for children with autism who can use help tackling new skills. If your child has tantrums, is learning social skills, or faces fine motor and sensory issues, this app can help.


Creating a safe and calm environment for your child with autism is extremely important, especially when helping your child go to sleep. Dreampad is a mobile app that actually uses a pillow with transducers that play relaxing songs which help promote sleep and relaxation. You simply purchase the pillow and install the app. We like this app because it can help calm your child and help him/her get better sleep.


Establishing a routine and teaching organizational skills are important for your child of autism. iPrompts is an app that you can use to support organizational skills. You can outline expectations and use reminders to help your child with autism complete tasks and stay organized. There are visual element to this app that will show your child schedules and even a timer. If you are teaching your child how to brush his/her teeth, this app can help remind your child when it is time to brush teeth and walk them through each step, with a timer or how long they can brush.

With so many new apps floating around, finding tools that can work with you and your child with autism can really make a difference. Be sure to check with your child’s therapist to make sure that this technology is best for your little one and to ensure that you are utilizing appropriate apps for your child with autism.

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