Preparing Your Child with Autism for In-Home Therapy

If you are a parent to a child with autism, you probably understand how challenging it can be to make changes in your child’s routine. Every child is different, and some children with autism require in-home therapy to address their individual needs. If you are looking to begin ABA therapy in-home sessions, there are some steps that you can take to make sure that your little one has a more seamless and comfortable transition to this type of highly effective therapy.

Meet Your Child’s Therapist

Because in-home therapy caters to the specific needs of your loved one, it is important that you not only understand what in-home therapy is all about, but you should get to know the therapist that will be working with your child. At Hidden Treasures, our team meets with the parents prior to the start of in-home therapy sessions, so we can better understand the challenges and individual concerns that parents have for their child. When you meet with your child’s therapist, you have the opportunity to share more information about your little one and his/her behavior.
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Ask Questions

Part of preparing your child for in-home therapy sessions requires preparing yourself, as the parent. Bringing a therapist into the home is a change that can be a big step towards wonderful things in your child’s life, but there is always a learning curve to starting new programs and you will probably have a lot of questions starting out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! ABA therapy is so effective for many children with autism, because this type of therapy hinges on clear communication between parent and therapist. We suggest writing a list of questions that you have and sharing it with your child’s therapist before beginning sessions.

Set Up a Behavior Assessment

Before your child begins an in-home therapy program, a specialist should establish a time to assess your child’s behavior so that he/she can create a program, specific to the needs of your child with autism. We recommend working with your child’s therapist to plan a meeting in the home, between your child and his/her therapist before the program begins. Our team at Hidden Treasures works to reduce stress that your child with autism might feel when starting in-home therapy, by taking steps to assess your child before beginning our therapy program.
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Supply a Space

Since in-home therapy requires that your child with autism undergoes sessions at home, it is important that you help create a space that is as distraction free as possible. What does this look like? We suggest using a specific room or a separated space for ABA therapy sessions. These spaces should be quiet and as calm as possible. For some families this can simply be a child’s bedroom, for others, it is a “quiet space” that is clearly blocked off in the living room. There are ways that you can make your home even safer for your child. We have an article called “Creating a Safe Environment for Your Child with Autism,” which is full of tips that can help you prepare a safe space for your child’s therapy sessions. By creating a space for these sessions, you can help to establish a routine for your child when their therapist(s) arrive – they will know that there is a designated room for their therapy.

In-home therapy can make a world of difference in your child’s growth and development. If you’re interested in working with a dedicated team of ABA therapists, Hidden Treasures is an established organization that has been providing top-notch, personalized therapy for many children with autism. Contact us TODAY to learn more about our approach:

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